IPC Designer Certification Program

CID (Certified Interconnect Designer-basic) and CID+ (advanced)

This professional development program provides objective evaluation of core competencies in PCB design, based upon industry standards rather than specifications of just one company. Courses enhance and assess technical knowledge: how to transform an electrical circuit description into a PCB design that can be manufactured, assembled and tested.

CID (Certified Interconnect Designer-Basic) and CID+ (Advanced) are valuable professional credentials recognized throughout the electronics industry. This technical education holds the most benefit for PCB designers with at least 2 years of hands-on experience. Because Designer Certification builds a foundation in design decision-making and practical application of IPC standards, the program is open to all engineering staff and managers with interest in design: Sales, Purchasing, R&D, Quality, Test.

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IPC Designer Certification is not just for designers. Many professionals in supporting industries are being certified: electrical and mechanical engineers, PCB fabrication engineers, assembly techs, manufacturing engineers and parts engineers. Certification can be a valuable step in a person's career.  Earning your CID or CID+ is a great way to be recognized for understanding the standards behind electronic design and manufacturing.

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New IPC Introductory Design Courses

In the highly competitive electronics industry, the knowledge and skills of staff are challenged daily. These challenges can be seen in the entire supply chain from design through to the OEM. To support IPC members in the electronics industry, IPC is introducing two new, instructor-led on-line courses focused on the fundamentals of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design. These courses will provide the fundamental knowledge required by staff members and engineers to better compete and support their companies to be successful.

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