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Contribute to the IPC Standards Your Company, Competitors, Customers and Suppliers Depend On

Wondering how the standards you rely on get developed? Do you want to help make those standards better? Have you always wanted to find out why a certain criterion was included?

Use your technical expertise to improve IPC standards. Committee participation can take place in meetings, by teleconference, or by e-mail. Distance shouldn’t deter you and, indeed, IPC welcomes global input.

Committee members sharpen their negotiation and presentation skills. You’ll personally benefit from developing a network of experts with similar interests. In addition, committee participation can help build your resume and show potential employers that you’re keeping up with technological changes in the industry.

Find out more about IPC committees from the links below and about the documents currently in development by visiting our Status of Standardization page.

IPC members in China and Asia are invited to participate through TGAsia Forum, our e-mail forum for discussion of standards development. Find out more about TGAsia Forum by contacting:

Harry Han
Director, IPC Greater China Certification, Training and Standards

If you’re ready to help out, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Please reference the committee or technology that interests you and provide your complete contact information, including your address, phone, and fax number. We’ll get in touch on the best way to get involved. Committee communications are conducted through e-mail, so it is mandatory to furnish a working e-mail address.

Standards Improvement Comments

Individuals or companies are invited to submit a comment to IPC  via the Standards Improvement form. The purpose of this form is to provide the appropriate technical committee of IPC with input from the industry regarding recommendations for published standards or work in progress.

1-10 Printed Board Design Committee
2-10 Electronic Product Data Description Committee
2-30 Terms and Definitions Committee
2-40 Electronic Documentation Technology Committee
2-50 CAMX Frameworks Communication Committee
3-10 Printed Board Base Materials Committee
4-10 Fabrication Processes Committee
4-30 Environment, Health & Safety Steering Committee
5-20 Assembly & Joining Committee
5-21 Component Mounting Subcommittee
5-22 Soldering Subcommittee
5-23 Solderability Subcommittee
5-24 Assembly & Joining Materials
5-30 Cleaning and Coating Committee
6-10 Product Reliability Committee
7-10 Testing Committee
7-20 Process Control Management Committee
7-30 Product Assurance Committee
7-30de Product Assurance Committee - Germany
7-30in Product Assurance Committee - India
7-30nd Product Assurance Committee - Nordic
7-31at IPC-A-600 Training Committee
7-31bt IPC-A-610 Training Committee
7-31ft IPC WHMA-A-620 Training Committee
7-31jt IPC-A-630 Training Committee
7-34t IPC-7711 7721 Training Committee
8-40 Roadmap Executive Committee
8-60 Printed Electronics Technology Roadmap Executive Committee
9-80 OEM Management Council Steering Committee
9-90 IPC Designers Council Executive Board
B-10 Packaged Electronic Components Committee
D-10 Flexible Circuits Committee
D-20 High Speed/High Frequency Committee
D-30 Rigid Printed Board Committee
D-33at IPC-6012 Training Committee
D-50 Embedded Components Committee
D-60 Printed Electronics Committee
D-70 E-Textiles Committee
D-73 E-Textiles Design Subcommittee
D-73a E-Textiles Printed Electronics Design Standard Task Group
E-10 IPC PV Module Technical Standards Committee
E-30 Materials and Supplier Declarations Committee
E-32 Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Committee
V-essc IPC European Standards Steering Committee
V-taec Technical Activities Executive Committee
V-tsl Technology Solutions Committee
V-tsl-mvia Weak Interface Microvia Failures Technology Solutions Subcommittee